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I must say that I did like Lucas and Sami working together today at the gym/Java Cafe. I thought it was a little funny that they're using the Titan gym set and having it right next door to Java Cafe. Whatever! Anyhoo, back to Lucas and Sami's scenes. This is the prime example that any two characters can replace Bo and Hope. For weeks now, it's been Bo and Hope going on these little adventures, and while it is true to their history, they're not needed to do it. It has nothing to do with them when they're on the adventure. Any two characters can replace them, and that was proven today.

Ugh! I can't stand this pairing of Max and Stephanie. I mean, at least they are addressing the fact that Stephanie is reluctant because Max is her uncle. That's something they didn't even mention last summer. But still, it's still disgusting, and I hate that Hogan and the writers are taking us back there. Is it so fucking hard to recast Abby, or bring on a new girl for Max? GOD!
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