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Never did I ever think I would type anything like this.

I wish I would see more of Shawn/Belle (Phillip), actually. Especially because I'm tired of Sami and her beaus and their rotating near-death experiences.

Feels so wrong.

But, I like that Belle is drawn to Phillip in some way still, because I never bought and never will buy Shawn/Belle together in the long term. I would kill for a storyline where they just fall out of love with each other, for the realization that they're clinging to this high school romance, this nostalgia for something that never really was.

And that hope- that they'll disintegrate- is why I sort of like the triangle aspect of it in this case. It fits with their characters as I interpret them. Shawn as a loser, Belle growing up a little and being attracted to someone else, Phillip sort of there, not too developed yet but with potential.

That said, they could easily be written off at this point, imho, with no ripple effect on the canvas. I just...I, um...I want to see them. Shame they're not involved with the stupid feud more directly.
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