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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Aug 27 2007, 10:13 PM
Well, there are supposed to be three new girls soon and college soriety girls at that. We sure don't need Abby as we already have Stephanie and Chelsea. That's five silly girls in college....and only Nick and Max. We need more young men as Jeremy and Jett are supposed to be gone, I think as they were the summer storyline, but still they are one man short.

I tuned in today to see if it worked better for me. It was a little better as I didn't have to see Sami and Lucas slurping on each other, but I did have to see Sami in her past late stages of pregnancy run like a little girl into the Juice Bar and then watch Lucas in slow motion reaching for the folio. Gads, everyone knows if you want to get something you grab it....argh. That agravated me to no end.

The best part of today was Stefano with EJ (loved Rolf, too) and Bo and Roman. They are great as brothers. Since Roman is my second favorite male, it's great to see him get more story.

I'm taking IMissAremid at her word and will watch tomorrow, too. Sounds great.


If you liked the EJ and Stefano/Bo and Roman scenes in today's ep and are disappointed in tomorrow's show let me know and I will never post here again.


Seriously, they only get better tomorrow. And I was very pleased with Josh Taylor and I am not a big fan of his or anything (nor one of his major detractors... but still).
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