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Thought today was kind of boring. Dr. Samuels was used in the early Hogan years, Dr. Schiller wasn't brought in until Ro's hysterectomy in early 2003.

I wish everyone could be as no-nonsense as Rosanna. It took her all of thirty seconds to realize Paul was attached to Meg. Meanwhile, across town...there's Katie. 'Nuff said. ;)

I guess I felt bad for Gwen...but her life is so overloaded with tragedy, it's hard to get worked up about. KWIM?

Unimpressed with the murder story so far. I thought McCouch over-reacted the entire scene...I mean, he hears a knock and "police"...and he's searching the room for someone else? WTH???

Oh, I guess the Holden/Meg talk was pretty good. At least Holden didn't flip personalities and act happy about Meg's decisions.
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