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After all... tomorrow is another day!


I loved it when Andre had Bart spray Lucas with the squirt gun a while back, but I have to say seeing him pistolwhipped is EVEN MORE divine than I imagined it could be. As implausible as it is that Sami couldn't point out the blood on the wall to the gym manager and that Andre could have had everything already set up with the ducttape and gun and car with dobermans outside it already to go to trap Lucas, I don't care, because it was all so damn entertaining to watch. I don't know where Trandre got the makeup and wig either but I don't care because Thaao ROCKED those scenes. Trandre playing with the wig as he leered at Sami and asked Sami "or will any DiMera do" was SOOOOOO CREEPY AND CHILLING. Rather than just campy like it could have gone so easily. BTW... does anyone else think the gym manager could have been Trandre's sister? Yikes on both accounts. The only weak link in all of this was Datillo with that weird delivery where it seemed like he was going to laugh when he said "You think you can beat the Bradys! You can't beat the Bradys! Just ask Stefano." Not only was it just awkward, but it also seemed a bit out of character as they have been (realistically IMO) making it a point to have Lucas demonstrating little faith in the Salem PD and specifically Sami's dad to protect them from the DiMeras. But that's just nitpicking I suppose because again I loved the scene overall and seeing Lucas pistolwhipped was a real treat for me in case I haven't said that already.

Yay for Benjy and Payla sharing a scene even if they never were shown hashing things out after Benjy betrayed them and helped trigger Steve's crazy. It's sort of like the Pocket story coming full circle with Benjy back in their lives again. I also liked Hope thinking of Lexie and wanting to call her. That was a nice touch. And I love Hope pushing Steve to say whether he wants to be a father again and them discussing Stephanie and how that affect's Steve's fears of parenting.

RoHYPNOLman had me in stitches. EJ... Needle... Leg... LMFAO. Just like I loved the affect that Nick's massive head wound had on his character I am simply enchanted by the new RoHYPNOLman. The Boman scenes of them as the sibling comedy duo have been pretty good for a while now, but with Roman all drugged up it's like they are on another plane of funny. I don't know what the hell has got into Josh Taylor since the Brady-DiMera storyline came along but I am LOVING it. And Peter is doing a great job too.

But mostly I adored this episode because of James Scott and especially him when working with Joseph Mascolo. Just like the show has been doing the Brady brothers right with the scenes they are getting, I'm loving the scenes between the DiMeras. All of them. It's been great the past couple days seeing the return of EJ and Bo/Roman as antagonists with them trading witty quips and insults yet at the same time also getting to see EJ stand up to Stefano or at least try to be his own man as the fascinating chessmatch plays out between these two very complex, dramatic and prideful characters who each possess extreme manipulative prowess. And with this return of smart, ruthless EJ it's been fun seeing him make things happen again rather than just reacting so much with him eluding Bo and getting out of the handcuffs craftily and helping Sami sneak through the health club as it is just more believable and fun to watch than him stupidly opening a ticking suitcase.

Even though I had been concerned that the ice truck debacle meant they were throwing EJ's redemption out with the bathwater, I feel a lot better about the show right now as I like so much the way James is playing EJ's internal conflict and I am curious to see how everything will turn out when it's revealed as I think if done well it actually could be good drama if EJ and Sami get close during this time that Sami is unaware what happened.

Also, the talk EJ and Stefano had about him wanting Stefano's help to get Andre and playing on Stefano's guilt about Renee gave me chills and I've only seen a few clips of Renee on YouTube and the little I know about her here and there mostly comes from reading up on Tony's history. I suppose the scene may have been strengthened with a brief Renee flashback, but even without it both Joe and James still managed to make me care about Renee a lot.

I also am so much enjoying Santo and learning more about him as we got that very powerful scene last week with him ripping his shirt and giving his heart to Colleen and today's scene where Santo's ghost visits Stefano was just so mesmerizing I just am in awe right now. When I saw that spoiler about Stefano getting a visit from Santo's ghost I wondered how it would all would turn out as I thought it could be kind of cheesy or awkward (I mean this show did give us a voodoo paternity test not that long ago for Pete's sake), but both James and Joe just nailed that scene so well and the lighting and the music and minimal effects except for cool ghost thing at the end were just so PERFECT, too.

OMG and the ending of this episode with Stefano's crazy laugh about the end being here and Trandre saying the end is near with just his eyes peering out over the folio as the screen faded to black just as the music went out...

This is true soap OPERA and I LOVE IT! [/gushing fangurl]
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