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Please tell me I'm not dreaming,...three good episodes in a row...no, make that two good episodes and one TERRIFIC episode! IMissAremid, I'm going to gush along with you because this episode was absolutely wonderful, and I'm so happy right now. Yes, it does help that Lucas got beat up (I'm sorry; I just don't like the character!), but even without that little gift it was a solid hour of soapy goodness. What makes it even better is that today could have been a cheesy, campy disaster (one reason I don't pay a lot of attention to spoilers, because reading a description can be much different than the actual execution of the episode), but it wasn't. The writing, acting and direction all worked together flawlessly to give us a suspenseful hour of drama with just the right amount of humor. I PRAY they can keep this up!

The Stefano/Santo scene is probably my favorite scene in a long time. To see the all powerful Stefano with tears in his eyes, talking about his life before the vendetta changed everything, seeing the adoration he had for his own father...perfection.

Roman and "Boseph" were so funny. Could we just keep Roman drugged up like that? I haven't enjoyed JT as Roman this much EVER. Kayla, Steve, Hope, Benjy were all amazing as well. Something about Benjy is just so appealing...I don't know what it is, but even with his very limited appearances I like him so much.

Andre looked ridiculous in that get-up and it would have been so easy for his scenes to be ridiculous as well, but Thaao managed to be scary and riveting instead. I never had the urge to laugh at him, simply because he was too terrifying. It was weird, though, how much he looked like the health club manager. I guess she was Andre's inspiration maybe?

Please, please, please, gods of daytime TV, let this trend continue with DAYS OF OUR LIVES!
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