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Aug 28 2007, 03:46 PM
Aug 28 2007, 04:37 PM
Aug 28 2007, 10:58 AM
Aug 27 2007, 04:36 PM
Why, if EJ is so in "love" with Sami, would he stab her dad with a needle? That boy sure knows the way to a womans heart!! lol

To protect Sami, to get to her knowing she's in danger. And he didn't stab him with anything he injected him with a sedative that was going to be used on him for pre-op.

Gotta say, I feel vindicated today.

Roman calling the "folio" a "FOLDER" was so human.

Interesting that Ed Scott's first official ep. was when it happened, eh?

Great minds think alike.

Ed Scott's first official ep is Wednesday. This was shot before his tenure.

Well, Scott's effect was seen Friday and Monday, even unofficially.

I just have to believe it was he who said "Not EVERYONE would call it a folio, dumbass writers!"

Well I guess that makes me a dumb ass marketing manager because I call it a folio. A folder folds in half, a folio folds over on itself and the way they hold contents are also different.

According to the fans that met with James Scott over the weekend, he confirmed that we will be seeing Ed Scott's work the 29th and not before.

First of all, first credited day is 29. Just like when changes happen, the rumbles are evident beforehand. Phoenix has been the leader, I believe, in noting the HUGE changes evident as early as Friday. Those clearly didn't happen by the crappy powers that be who couldn't do it before.

That being said, you may have missed my argument two weeks ago.

Is it a folio? Yes. And, maybe you wouldn't think of it this way, since you know that, but realistically, not EVERYONE will call it that. I see it in everyday life. People, to be lazy, call these things by other names. Whether to be cool or not sound "hoity toity" -- whatever the reason, realistically, not everyone will call that thing, whether it is or isn't a folio, a folio.
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