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08|27|07 Ali's Blog: Ben's social calendar

Ben's social calendar was jam packed this weekend! We attended a 'princess party' for my friends daughter's 3rd birthday. It's always funny to talk to my friends who have little girls about how different 'sons' are from 'daughters'. My friends daughter and most of the little girls at this party were all decked out in various 'princess' outfits - Cinderella, Snow White, etc. everything was pink, including a pink bouncy house (Ben's favorite!) and pink home-made bread for sandwiches. It was so cute - but completely opposite of what I am used to! Like, getting up early to stand outside in our p.j.'s watching the garbage truck once a week, and knowing the names of all the different types of construction vehicles.

After Ben took a few swings at the piñata, we had to say goodbye to the birthday girl and head off to a beach party supporting the The Art of Elysium. It’s a wonderful cause and we were proud to show our support – Ben in particular is a big fan of the fine arts. He takes his painting very seriously – they had all sorts of fun activities set up, literally on the water. And Ben was proud to present his daddy with an original Ben painted sea-shell. All the kids there was so great, and fun, the older kids playing so well with the younger children. Ben loves being near the ocean, and we had a blast!

And... the added benefit? (all you parents out there saw this one coming...) Ben passed out in the car on the way home! J he was completely exhausted after his busy day! Even though he opened his eyes as I had to fight to unlock the front door, he immediately rolled over when I laid him down and fell right back asleep! I was so relieved, because I had less than an hour to get ready to attend Martha Madison’s (Belle, Days) wedding!

Only 15 minutes late, Dave and I were out the door. It was such a beautiful ceremony and WOW! Martha was just gorgeous. It was so wonderful to be a part of her special day. I am so happy for her!!! I’m happy to report, it was an uneventful wedding in soap opera terms. Farah and I joked about how accustomed we are at weddings now to shoot dirty or desperate looks at our co-workers. Martha had a big job choosing seating for the cast and crew of Days – I was definitely at the rowdiest table (do I sound proud?). Rachel (Chelsea), Darrin (Max), Bryan (Lucas), Kyle Brandt (ex-Philip), Farah (ex-mimi), Farah’s sister Victoria, Dave and I. um… yeah, you can just sense the trouble brewing at table 16, huh? All said and done, Martha had a huge Days contingent represented... Though, here’s the catch – we had to work today (Sunday!). So, there were a few of us eyeing each other, wondering how we were all going to be feeling getting up early for work the next day. But, of course, that didn’t stop us from getting crazy on the dance floor, and cheering Martha on!

So, yup... Sunday morning I was on my way to Days, and Ben and Dave headed to the local farmers market. There’s even a petting zoo! His favorite are the baby chicks, though he does get a kick out of petting the goats and bunnies too. When I got home from work, he told me all about it, and was so excited to show me the balloon fish his auntie gave him. And then we cleaned up the house together – ben is very helpful! – to get ready for a visit from Grandma and Grandpa. It was a really fun family night!

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