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Aug 26 2007, 01:34 PM
I have always said and still say that Days needs a woman writer to bring it back. A man just doesn't have the inside to how a woman feels. Just explaining it will get it all skewed with his experience in life and the way his hormones work. It's the same with a woman. We will never understand the male point of view no matter how much it's explained, because chemically we are not able. Even if and this is not to begin any arguments, Hogan is gay, it doesn't mean he has the same feelings as a woman chemically which means how his emotions experience life. He cannot write for women. If you read a lot, you can tell that male authors cannot write for women characters and that women authors cannot write for male characters. They do well enough that their works are readable but not accurately. Ideally there should be a male and female writing team who basically write from the male view and the other the female view. Then, we can get real men and real women playing out believable stories.

Sorry to keep bumping this up, but I saw Jean's comment and felt the need to post my thoughts on it...

I think different POVs come from different writers.

Ideally, networks want soaps to appeal to women 18-49, so the goal is to write characters that women can relate to or identify with.

I don't think you need a male writer to write for male characters or a female writer to write for female characters. I think that would cause the biggest disruption to the writing process, not to mention become very stifling for the head-writer.

The only way a writer can fully broaden his/her perspective on characters from all genders, classes, races, and orientations is to just do more research. And I don't mean research as in books on these topics. But talk to people, listen to other people's conversations, OBSERVE body language, vocal inflection, etc. That's the only way, as a writer, you can develop and broaden your knowledge of people.

I can understand where Hogan comes from when he says stuff like (paraphrasing)"The guys need their dicks." Male characters on soaps are often viewed as weak, pathethic, and/or stupid. But on the flipside, you can't develop women as weak, pathethic, and/or stupid either.

There is no solid solution to this. But the best way to remedy this is to leave the writer to his own devices. Enough hate mail may make him do his work.
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