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Aug 28 2007, 03:51 PM
I thought Chad's shooting was kind of funny. Chad collapsed like twenty seconds later and was talking pretty well for being shot in the chest, and Whitney, helloooo delayed reaction much? LOL.

And Poor Ethan is sitting there dying for two episodes?? Hahaha.

My comment is related to that, and my pet peeve with soaps in general.

First of all, you're right -- poor Ethan.

But what about those EMTs?! They were slow as FUCK! They wouldn't have been so polite to Theresa when they asked her to move out of the way. They wouldn't have moved with such grace. When a life is at sake, it's GO! GO! GO!!!

I swear, if you weren't exposed to this sort of thing and watched ER for SIX SECONDS (which, I should hope anyone in the TV profession has), or any hospital show for that matter, you'd know that those day players did a HORRENDOUS job. And I find shame with the director for not pushing them to do better.

Everything else about those scenes was flawless. Too bad the dayplayers FUCKED IT UP!!!#%#$%%#$%#$%%^#&#$%56

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