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Aug 28 2007, 06:43 PM
Maybe I'm the only one, but I was really sad to see Chad go. I think the current Chad is the best one, certainly the best looking. I've always enjoyed Chad and Whitney and the story with Vincent has been excellent.

I think it's sad that Passions was always known for it's diversity, but it's not utilizing it's minority actors. IMO Paloma, Simone, Pilar, Whitney (post-gay story) and Eve have all been marginalized. Then you have Liz and TC who are MIA. With JER's super slow pace, it would serve him well to tell more stories thus utilizing the cast and diverting attention away from the snails pace.

Chad's death reminds me of the exit of Precious, the best character to ever grace Harmony. And certainly one of the best actors!

RIP Chad :(

into trust me: you're NOT the only one sad about Chad.

For once (right), a MAIN "Passions" character, one who's been with us for the long haul, since '99, has passed on. It IS sad. I didn't cry, but I was emotional.

And even if you didn't like Chad (and I wasn't too fond of Divins' portrayal but I must admit, the final haircut he had just MADE the character, in his incarnation, for the first time; not to mention his great down-low story), could you REALLY take pleasure in Whitney's suffering? Whitney, the likable tennis champ portrayed by a likable and beautiful performer, Brook Kerr?

I can't, in good conscious, take pleasure out of Whitney's pain.
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