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Aug 28 2007, 08:06 PM
Ok something is wrong with me because that was good.

Chad's death actually made me teary-eyed. Yeah, he was a little overboard with it, but Whitney and the hair, and Lindsay Hartley, and even Rebecca looking upset in the background...and the background music supportive of the scene...beautiful.

However, I would argue that Passions never could be this good without cancellation because the only reason the death had impact was because it's pretty permanent. At least for those of us who can't hop over to DirecTV.

The other stuff- whatever. Pretty freakin' dark show, overall. Esme might actually work out as a full-time character, which I didn't imagine happening.

Good on Passions. They even managed not to mix the circus episode with Chad's death.

What I like about these episodes is that in everything -- EVERYTHING -- you can feel the finality.

Even though the show's not ending, and is only ending on NBC, I APPLAUD JER for bringing such urgency and action in these final Peacock episodes. People who are spoiler-free really have to wonder who's going to die, what's really going to happen.

In fact, all these death threats are making me wonder something.


Does anyone think that perhaps JER's using his alternate cancellation plan, and is using the same stories, obviously tweaked, as he would have if this were REALLY the end?


What if Chad died, but not just him: what if, in that scene with Sheridan vowing to protect Vincent, even if Spike had to shoot her, would have ended with Spike shooting BOTH of them at the same time and through the heart, and they plunged to their deaths off the cliff? What if Spike lost his footing and then fell off the cliff as well?


What if, because of that, Theresa made good on her promise and killed Gwen?

What if, because of THAT, Rebecca then killed Theresa?

And then, what if Pilar went crazy and killed REBECCA?!!! :o :o :o

Pilar in jail, eight bodies in bags (that's the count, right?) and even more evil in Harmony would occur to truly have things go out with a bang!

Because from where I'm standing, there are TOO many death threats right now, and with things situated as they are, if this were a "real" ending, it'd be the perfect way to destroy Harmony -- and the show -- in a delightfully, though morbid, way.
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