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My first thought when I read what LML said was "Stink Bombs" are the only kind of bombs going off in Genoa City these days......... <_<

SOD: Fall Preview

"We have a couple of bombs going off soon that will have repercussions through the end of the year," promises EP/HW Lynn Marie Latham.

Jack's dirty secret finally comes out. "Victor has always wanted to expose Jack as the owner of Jabot, but he was waiting until Jack became a public figure. The fallout is going to be like a firestorm. Nikki and David will get incredibly close because he's everything for her that Victor isn't. But if she ever comes back to Victor, he wants her to be crawling." And Gloria also wants a piece of the Jack-goes-down campaign. "When Victor puts his plan into motion, Gloria realizes she has the icing on the cake."

Don't expect Sharon to forsake her marriage right away to reunite with Nick just because Phyllis is behind bars; another dormant player jumps back into the mix. "Brad has a plan to break up Jack and Sharon, but something very unique is going to happen with Phyllis while she's in prison."

While Devon tries to tell Lily that he loves her, she will find herself attracted to Cane. But what will be really interesting to watch is Neil's reaction when he sees that his daughter is falling for an older man." Meanwhile, Neil and Karen grow closer, but "That relationship is threatened by his memories of Dru."

Kevin wants to see Jana redeemed. Her illness is real, but is that what caused her to kill Carmen? He could be really getting in trouble. Amber is her own worst enemy and she's going to have a very rough go of it."

"We're going to find out that Adrian has a much more complicated past than is known. This will cause Colleen to rethink her commitment to him and she'll turn to someone else. Surprisingly, Heather has information about Adrian - but she's not aware of it."
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