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Aug 30 2007, 01:05 AM
Aug 29 2007, 11:43 PM
I'd love it if John died! It'd be the first time DAYS shocked me in so long.

I agree. I love the vets too and, at one time, liked Drake. However, I am sick of soaps, including Days, being limited in storytelling.

"He can't go because he's a vet."

"He's got too big a fanbase to go."

"There will be mega backlash if he goes."

So? Whatever happened to taking risks. Whatever happened to doing whatever it takes to get quality drama? Sometimes difficult decisions have to be made. The drama killing John could spawn off is limitless and it would create an atmosphere at Days that anyone can go. It creates bigger suspense factor and also would put an epic touch on this story.

I know Days is in trouble and can't afford to lose fans but I honestly think the J&M fans are gone already. Days can still hold on to Marlena fans and give her a great story and, getting rid of Drake frees up a load of cash that can be used on keeping other big characters and vets. I would rather Drake go then Lauren. I would also rather see Drake go rather then seeing Suzanne and Peggy taking off contract. one heavyhitter going so others can stay or perhaps return is a good thing IMO, especially when the heavyhitter at issue here is one that tends to phone it in alot.

We'll see but I still think he is gone. The signs are there and this response is almost like a carbon copy of the responses Days used to give Matt Ashford rumors and we all know what happened there.

Okay, if that's your way of thinking, lets kill off Maggie, Caroline and Granpda Shawn in this vendetta storyline. Hell, while we're at it, just kill of Victor as well. Want to reallly shock the audience and give them something they're not expecting? Kill off Alice and Marlena too.
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