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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Aug 30 2007, 12:18 AM
Aug 30 2007, 12:15 AM
OK this is kind of random, but I (ok and like 60 other people, most of them rabid James Scott fans) chatted with Adrian Bellani tonight and I'm still kind of amazed that happened. :lol: He's such a cutie, I'm gonna miss him.

Wow...sounds interesting.

What did he say?

It was mostly kind of random.

Adrian just showed up to this weekly chat for the results in the Adonis contest at Soaphunks. He had a webcam though so after the results were announced (Adrian and James Scott are the final two... Eric Martsolf was eliminated) he hung out for at least a half hour afterward just to shoot the shit with those of us who were there for the chat.

He was a very good sport throughout the whole thing even proposing marriage to the soaphunks admin guy who's in love with him and tricking him into taking off his shirt which was pretty funny.

He didn't have any big revelations about anything. Just made it sound like he is pretty much never coming back to Passions and probably not soaps at all if he can help it and that no matter what he wants to stay in LA. Talked about reading some scripts. Told us some random stuff about the show like how annoying the mermaid stuff was and explained how the scenes with Endorra can be really complicated because the actors don't know what is going in Endorra's thought bubble but there's someone off screen giving her prompts. He talked about how weird it is and how it's hard/annoying sometimes to play Miguel because he's such a retard about all the witches and stuff around him.

Overall though he was just very funny and unassuming. I came away impressed and hadn't really given that much thought to Adrian before.

And if any of you are huge Adrian fans I think he is coming back next week for the finale. He promised the admin he'd take his shirt off on his webcam if he won.
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