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Today wasn't too bad and yesterday, which I failed to comment on, was great. I still can't believe the way Al shot Chad. The way he fell was stupid though. No one just stands up like that and then falls after being shot. Kerr was great yesterday and I loved seeing Rebecca and Gwen affected by what happened. Luis/Fancy was good yesterday too and Vincent/Spike was entertaining. The whole show had a dark tone to it and, rightfully so. I'm glad they kept the magic stuff out of it because a show like yesterday needed a dark tone and feel.

Back to today's, I liked the Ethan drama and Gwen's admitting she still loves Ethan followed by her leaving to get to her "other man" pretty much cemented what her secret is IMO.

The magic stuff is fun but also getting old. We need to see some maturation in Kay. She should be improving somewhat by now. Love Edna and Norma, as well as Tabby and Endora. Nice nod to history with the floating head. I always liked him. He's fun and added more entertainment to the show. Hope to see more of him.

I liked the whole Sheridan/Vincent/Spike escape thing and the cliffhanger with Sheridan holding on to both of them is very good. I also like Spike using Marty as a bargaining chip (FYI: it's so obvious Beth will be back with Marty, Al, and Edna all back already). However, last week Vincent tried to kill Sheridan. Last week Sheridan was still in bitch mode as well. HOW AND WHY IN THE HELL DID SHE CHANGE HER MIND AND ALL OF A SUDDEN BECOME A GOOD AUNT TO VINCENT?! I felt like a missed some scenes where Sheridan had a change of heart. She didn't give a flip about him last week and, after a few days of not seeing her, she turns up caring for him and risking her life for him after he nearly killed her? Wow...however, I will say the acting by all was good in those scenes. I also have a feeling my theory is right and Al put a chip in Sheridan's brain to control her. That would explain why she is all over the place and how we sometimes see a glimpse of the real Sheridan, like today. It's one thing to make a character bad but she has been a mess and I think JER is going to explain everything she did away somehow so Sheridan and Fancy can be on equal footing for Luis so I can see the brain chip thing happening. We'll see.

Now, I already mentioned what I liked and disliked about the Chad stuff yesterday but today it was a total mess. Lindsey showed more emotion then Brook. Hell, Andrea and Liza did as well. Brook wasn't bad yesterday but today she was dreadful. It all seemed so forced and screechy. The little montage was great but the whole thing felt rushed. Her denial in the beginning was fine but we never even saw her finally accept the truth mentally. She just showed up at the hospital and had already come to terms. Lame. The extras sucked too but that is a Passions staple I guess. I was just very disappointed in these scenes and very disappointed in Brook. She bombed big time during the Chad reveal in May and she bombed again in what could've been her huge moment. A shame. She has proven her talent but her last 2 big chances to prove herself she has flopped.
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