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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Aug 30 2007, 01:00 AM
I don't agree that J&M are the biggest thing about DAYS. Yes, they have a lot of fans, but I think they may also have more people that DO NOT like them than most of the other vets on the show. Also, the show obviously doesn't feel that way since neither of them have been on much in quite some time. Even way before the coma and all the crap, they both had a big long break and were not on. It seems like they are kind of fizzling them out.

This I absolutely agree with. And I find myself agreeing with a lot that you say in this thread, Angie.

First of all, I don't want DOOL to fire Drake just because I think it has a better chance of getting picked up by another network with Drake and Dee still attached and I worry about a fan backlash sinking ratings further if Drake has a real messy exit. So I am not like going to do cartwheels if he is fired even if I do not really care about John as a character anymore and find that whatever sentimental feelings I had about him on this show have faded away and John and Marlena have pretty much sickened me every time they've been on screen together since John got out of the coma. If done well I could totally get behind a great dramatic exit for John Black that gives Marlena a big story. But like I said... I worry about him leaving too so I'm not going to cheerlead for his exit.

I have to say though I really disagree with the assertion that John and Marlena are the biggest thing about Days. This was true throughout the 90s and into some of the 00s, but I don't think this is the case at all now and it hasn't been since the Alex North storyline debacle. I know that storyline soured ME on John and Marlena pretty much irrevocably, especially after Melaswen. I just stopped caring about those two and even after they had some nice Italy scenes last fall, they've just been boring ever since. I have gotten used to this show not having John and Marlena this past year, just like I was used to it last summer. And you know who I do think are the biggest thing about Days? Bo and Hope.

Do you know anyone who hates Bo and Hope? Do these people exist? Because I sure don't see them posting much. I know plenty of people who hate John and Marlena, hate EJ and Sami, hate Lucas and Sami, hate Shawn and Belle, hate Phillip and Belle, hate Steve and Kayla, hate Max and Stephanie, hate Jeremy and Stephanie, hate Jett and Chelsea, hate Nick and Chelsea, etc... But Bo and Hope? I don't even think Billie fans hate them at this point now that they are all friends.

Last summer John and Marlena were not on and ratings did fine. Yeah they came back some last fall but still they didn't dominate. But what did we always have a lot of? We had Bo and Hope in a big story at the center of things trying to find their way back to each other.
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