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Aug 30 2007, 01:00 AM
I don't agree that J&M are the biggest thing about DAYS. Yes, they have a lot of fans, but I think they may also have more people that DO NOT like them than most of the other vets on the show. Also, the show obviously doesn't feel that way since neither of them have been on much in quite some time. Even way before the coma and all the crap, they both had a big long break and were not on. It seems like they are kind of fizzling them out.

Exactly and, if you look at it, they have been pushing them aside for a long time. With the exception of the SSK story, J&M have had no story TOGETHER. When both has had a story, they were usually with other people. It always seemed like they were trying to strike gold with a new pairing for John. He had the Gina/Hope thing and the Kate thing. John actually had alot more story then Marlena until the SSK story. It just seems like Days has been down on them together for some time. Looking back on it, they were better when they were fighting their feelings for each other and were pining for each other. They seemed to go downhill when they got married.

Hogan gave fans some stuff with them together and even that, in many ways, didn't satisfy their fans. I think pleasing the J&M fanbase is impossible and I think many have given up anyway after years of being burned, just like many J&J fans didn't even come back for the great stuff they had before leaving. Last summer, they were backburnered the whole summer and the ratings were fine. I just think their magic is over and that they have no effect on numbers anymore. I used to be a big fan of J&M but John is bringing her down IMO and I find myself loving her without him.

No one person should be bigger then the show. Yes, the show has it's heavyhitters but no one is THE show. I just think Days needs to take a risk for the sake of story and this is the perfect one.
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