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You know, I have to side with those who say Drake's exit wouldn't make that much of an impact. I mean, look at the ratings. 2.0, on a good week, lol. Back during the possession, what were they? 7.0 high or something crazy like that? Probably 6. At any rate, the point is, MILLIONS of fans have fled since then. And what's more, Jarlena haven't had a story in a while. And it seems like they're only on about three times a month now. If they're on more, that shows how insignificant they've become; I can't even remember how long they're on! :lol: The point is, the diehards already tuned out because they're not going to put up with such little representation. And if the show can score a 2.0 without 'em (and it has); and the budget is less burdened without 'em (well, drake, keep Dee), then I don't think it will HURT the show, financially or otherwise.
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