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I'd just like to see the bleeding stop.

DAYS is down to a 2.0-2.1 which is horrible and sad no matter how you spin it.

Sure we have the Brady/DiMera fued, but the reading of letters and flaskbacks of Coleen and Santos have gotten so boring most are turning the channel.

Then you have John, Marlena, Hope, Doug, Julie who are nothing more that glorified extras. Abe, Lexie, Caroline, Maggie, Shawn, Victor are seldom ever on.

Jeremy, Jett, Max, Stephanie, Chelsea and Nick are front burner, and all those viewers that left from Jan-April ain't going to come back when it's the same old crap.

However, this is typical Hogan Sheffer. He writes for half of the cast for about 6 months and then after those storylines are over he writes for the other half while neglecting most of the others. I've seen it to much at ATWT. Man doesn't know how to balance his cast.
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