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I am behind on GH too! :lol:

I just finished Monday's! But I will watch Tuesday's eppy sometime today as well!

Anyways, things are bit better on Monday than what they have been last week. Last week was one of most boring weeks since I've been watching GH.

But okay, Monday...

I've kinda grown tired of bitchy Sam and LuSam. Don't know why. I love cheering her against Liz, but watching Sam and Lucky on Monday did nothing for me. I thought I'd be more excited about them, but no... maybe it's because I was still in bed while watching the show and I was still groggy from sleeping... :lol:

I hope that Kelly Monaco does leave GH. That would be one less person that is on every day.

I like the guy playing Trevor and I think I could get into his character. This could be an interesting story, because I love Kate and Ric... Sonny is sometimes good, sometimes not... So this could turn out to be a good story.

Can't wait for Jason/Sam confrontation.

Oh and how could I forget! Jerry/Irina/Jax/Carly crap is OVER! Finally! I hope she really is dead and she's not coming back... I hope we get a break from Carly/Jax now. I'm not really tired of Jax, since he was gone for a while, but I really need a break from Carly and Jerry. They can give some of their airtime to Luke, Tracy, Alexis, Georgie or the Qs.
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