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Drake's no safer than any of them. Peter, Kristian and Deidre are probably the three most safe, but even then ... Drake hasn't had a story in almost a year. Period. Hogan has no interest in using him. He's probably been kept this long because of fan outrage and loyalty.

I don't wish losing a job on anyone, but the fact is, if they HAD to cut a vet, Drake makes the most sense. Sorry. Of course, some consider Patch and Kayla dead weight, but I personally love every second of them. I like Drake and John, I admit, but the poor guy hasn't been used in almost a year.

And I'm also really pissed Deidre and Marlena aren't being used more. SHE should be in Stefano's face. SHE should be the one waving a gun in his face. It's insane how she isn't being used in this.
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