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Meanwhile, Bo and Tony hatch a plan to snare Andre this week that spells death for Stefano.

"They are trying anything they can to find Andre and put an end to this whole thing," explains Peter Reckell.

Cue a daring plot to fake the Phoenix's demise and draw Andre to the funeral. "Bo pools the resources of not only the Police Department, but also Steve - somebody at the DiMera's have trusted. It makes sense that he is the one who ends up doing the actual "killing," because they would believe that he would flip out and do that," points out Reckell.

But try telling Kayla's hubby that. While Bo takes on the task of convincing Steve, Tony reestablishes his loyalty to his father. Bo succeeds, and then, "It's a matter of getting the technical part together," explains Reckell. "Fake blood, having one of the police officers pose as a doctor to pronounce Stefano dead, a couple of nurses in on the whole thing."

The ruse is set in motion when Dr. Rolf prepares to take Stefano home from the hospital and Bo and Roman arrive to 'protect' their nemesis. "Crazy" Steve soon appears and attacks. "He does the stabbing part, and Tony does the drugging part," says Reckell with a laugh.

Thanks to the one-two punch of Steve's knife and Tony's jab in the arm, Stefano is knocked out and declared 'dead.'

But will Andre show up to mourn him? And will this truly end the DiMera/Brady feud? Teases Reckell, "It's like pouring gasoline on the fire."

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