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Aug 30 2007, 10:34 AM
Aug 30 2007, 09:36 AM
Mason AKA Hogan
Aug 29 2007, 03:01 PM
Regardless of how you feel about Drake, you have to realize how important he is for the wellbeing of the show, particularly now of all times. They'd only be shooting themselves in the foot if they fired him.

I disagree. He was off screen all last summer and the ratings were a 2.7. He and Marlena/De come back and they have done nothing to improve the ratings. Their scenes are horrid and I FF through most of them.

The show was in a whole different state last summer. So you cannot use last summer's ratings to prove that point. I mean, IMO, the show is a lot better now than it was last summer, and it's still lower in the ratings. I blame Jeff Zucker's comment about DAYS possibly not being renewed after 2009, and that is why a lot of people pulled out. And it's not like it was a comment that only internet fans heard. This was posted in actual publications that most of the country reads. Fans that are not on the interent, they read this and they don't know that Corday and Sony are taking steps to keep the show on the air. They don't know that Ed Scott was just hired. Hell, they don't even know who Ed Scott is. A lot of DAYS fans are not on the interent, so they don't know what we do. They probably pulled out and aren't coming back.

Of course I can (in regards to the bold part). The show was better and the ratings were higher. In your opinion the show is better. In my opinion until the LUMI marriage is ended, TTS is off the air, and more respect is shown to women, the show will not better not in the least. There is major work to be done to recover from all the ills Hogan has done.

I also think you don't give people enough credit. It wasn't the internet that saved Jericho, it was word of mouth fans that sent all those peanuts to the studio. And people don't just "give up" just because one network says a show is over. Several successful shows have switched networks and their original network in the end was kicking themselves. And you know which network it's happened to most? NBC. They dumped both JAG and Baywatch and both went on to be very successful in Prime Time and in reruns. Baywatch is still seen all over the world and NBC has no piece of the pie. JAG is still shown every day in syndication and NBC has no piece of that pie either.

Fans have left because the show was going down a big stink hole. Fans will come back if the show ever decides to improve. They didn't leave because of Jeff Zuckers comments, they left because Hogan's writing SUCKS.
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