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Can Luke Win Noah's Heart?
As Luke and Noah get closer, Maddie finds herself on the outside looking in. "She's catching on" note Passanante. " She's questioning the tension she's picking up on between Luke and Noah. But it will eventually all blow up!"

Rosanna's next move!
Trying to move beyond his past with Meg, Paul rekindles things with Rosanna even as he plots to use her against Craig. But what will happen when Rosanna remembers the truth about her accident? " That's the dramatic question at this point", the writer says. "When will she, and what will she do with it once she does?"

Danger for Lily and Holden?
As Lily works to help Dusty prove he didn't kill Cheri, her actions create huge problems in her already fragile marriage. " Holden begins to feel concerned about her priorities" Passantate previews. And the fact that there is a murderer on the loose only acerbates the situation. " His fear is that her concern for Dusty will create some sort of jeopardy for their family." Why do we suspect he's right to think so?

Baby Drama Ahead!
As Gwen and Will struggle to conceive a baby, an unlikely person offers help. " Alison plays an unusual role," the scribe reveals. " It's not quite what you think. It's certainly Alison's attempt to do the right thing. But with Gwen finding herself in the middle of Cole and Sofie's drama, and Aaron still in love with Ali, the situation will become more complicated than anyone could imagine!

Will Jack and Katie tie the Knot?
As Katie heads to the altar with Jack, don't expect Carly to stand idly by! "She's still in love with Jack" Passionate explains. " She is dealing with the inevitability of it. She's certainly hoping the wedding will never happen, but we're playing against expectations with this story."

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