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Steve Frame
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King, I have no faith in the articles putting to rest that Drake is fired. I still think Corday will fire him.

The thing I am happy about and the only thing that concerns me about the articles are the statements made by SOW, AS, and LK that I bolded earlier.

As far as believing that DRake is not fired - no way do I believe that. Damn Hogan or Corday could say it and I still wouldn't beleive it. These are the men that said the big 4 would be heavily involved again and that there would be no more incest. How can you believe anything that comes out of either one of their mouths.

Now if Ed Scott said it I would believe it. But as far as I am concerned Hogan and Corday have both ruined their reputation as far as telling the truth.

ETA: As far as the Drake firing. I love what AS said about Drake's reputation and being like a father to her but her other statement can be a misread of her line but she speaks in the past tense about Drake:

"we worked together for 15 years"

I did notice that and it concerns me. But as I said I am just happy to hear good press about Drake and it being pointed that the cast and crew still love him and SOW still mentions Drakes positive nature and professionalism.
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