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Aug 30 2007, 04:15 PM

No, Reilly was told he was being replaced, and could work utnil his contract expired in August. He chose to bail and left DAYS hanging. That's why the ghost writers were called in.

She wasn't writing from the end of May until September. You got your facts wrong. Kola Boof was the "ghost writer" for the show for most of what aired in the summer. Beth Milstein's first stuff didn't start airing until August 8, 2006. She wrote John and Marlena's return.

She is listed in the credits. Her name appears at the top of the other writers after Hogan and Meg Kelly. That's why I assumed she was the Associate Head Writer, which I still believe she is.

I can't say if Beth was better than Hogan or not because we didn't actually get to see her own stuff. She was ending Reilly's mess of writing, and following Hogan's outline to get the show to where it was supposed to be when he came on the fall. So to say she was a better writer, we can't really say that. She's a great team writer, which she proved. But without her own original stuff airing, it's impossible to know how she would have turned out.

I guess we all get our information from different places. Sorry, but I trust my source. You have your opinion, I have mine. I'm not telling you you're wrong or right, but the information I got long before I ever joined a message board conflicts with your presented information.

As I said before, I think it's best that we agree to disagree and move on.
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