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The Royal Princess

Aug 29 2007, 11:34 PM
Theresa and Pilar tell Ethan that he has a son.

Ethan squeezes Theresa's hand when he hears her confession.

Fox and Esme share a very romantic moment.

In a drunken state, Eve announces that she hates the Cranes

Eve is determined to get revenge on Sheridan

Gwen reveals the truth of her secret lover to Rebecca.

Paloma is concerned about her relationship with Noah.

The evil forces lure Endora in the basement.

Fox and Esme plan for a future together.

Tabitha and Kay are prevented from helping Endora

Miguel puts his life in danger for Endora.

Sheridan threatens to kill Spike

Alistairís schemes backfire on him.

Eve pays a visit to Valerie

Love the Ethan squeezing Theresa's hand spoiler EEEEEE!

The PAloma one sounds strange since SIlvana's last airdate was on the 15th... Wonder if it's a phone conversation with somebody1
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