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I remember when Hogan arrived on SON I told everyone how he did the ATWT vets and everyone said, "No, it's a different soap, that is the past." Well he's doing the exact same thing at DAYS.

The only difference is that DAYS fans have more power and can force change. Like this DiMera story, it's all about the ratings and complaints from fans. If Hogan had his way there would be more teens, newbies and EJ hogging the show. He did the exact same thing at ATWT!

Although you may *think* John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, etc. are huge characters, it doesn't matter to him. Tom and Margo were the supercouple of ATWT and Hogan reduced their screentime so much you wouldn't even know where they fit on the show.

Larry Brygmann was on the show for like 30 years and he was fired without a final episode or a mention of where he went. He was one of the most popular leading men, Pre-Hogan.

I feel sorry for Drake and all of his fans. Hopefully you can save him, but I still don't see Hogan writing for him unless forced.
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