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Word, JSF. It's been cool seeing Lindsay Korman transform like this. She really anchors the show.

Another word to whoever else was creeped out by Alistair and Pretty watching Luis & Fancy. Why do people like Fancy, Pretty? Maybe because she's not a whiny bitch like you are! Irritating, that one is.

Maybe there's more than one Sheridan out there?

I can't wait to find out Gwen's secret. Everytime they tell Ethan he has a son then leave out the "Little Ethan is that son" part I giggle, because I love the idea of this triangle extending on forever.

Also, I realized today why I like Reilly: he always gives a character for different fanbases to relate to. With all the E/T stuff you still have Rebecca there talking about how it's all bullshit. It's nice to have both sides of things.
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