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Stefano's "murder" is put into action. With Tony and E.J. present, Dr. Rolf prepares Stefano for his ride home from the hospital. Bo and Roman show up, claiming Stefano needs protection. As they wheel Stefano out, Steve arrives. Steve whips out a knife and repeatedly stabs DiMera. During the chaos, Tony discreetly jabs a needle into Stefano's arm, knocking him out. Stefano is pronounced dead. Sami recuperates at the hospital after being locked in the steam room. In flashbacks, Sister Mary Anne tells Father Mallory she saw Colleen's scarf in Santo's hotel room. Mrs. Fitzpatrick asks if Colleen can help her take care of the neighborhood children. Colleen realizes Santo had engineered this so she would be at his hotel on a regular basis. Jeremy tells Stephanie he's decided to run when they reach Vegas in order to avoid any chance that he'll be sent back to jail. Nick confides to Billie that he doesn't think Artemis and DeMarquette are China Lee's kids. Nick leaves with the boys, and a strange man in a Panama hat follows them. Rawlings shoots Jett in the back. Back at the plane, Rawlings shows up and holds Max and Stephanie at gunpoint.

SNEAK PEEK: Stefano's fourth funeral.
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