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Let the ruin of Esme begin....I love sloppy, scatterbrained Esme, but Esme with a heart? Boooooringgggggggg!! And please get Vicki off my screen ASAP, she's as dull as watching cat litter clump!

(Writes letter)....

Dear Tracey Ross:

I know that years ago, you won the Star Search Actress Award....will you now admit that you blew a judge to win, because what I saw today does was too pitiful! Making ugly faces and overdramatizing is not acting, 'kay?


(ETA...I forgot, Tracey actually won for the Model Award, not the Actress. Still, remember Cindy Crawford doing that movie with Billy Baldwin? 'Nuff said)

So, all of a sudden Sheridumbass feels sorry for 'poor Vincent'? Idiot, this he/she cut your stupid neck last week....what the hell is wrong with you?

Shitty was beyond pathetic today with Big Al....he was funny with his inner comment when she hugged him.
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