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Aug 31 2007, 03:34 PM
Loved today's show. It was a quieter episode than the rest of the week but I have a feeling it's just to give us all a chance to catch our breath before next week.

Loved, loved, loved the Steve/Hope scenes. Of course I love it any time the writers remind us of their deep friendship and love for each other. Hope is one of the few people who can call Steve on his bull and I loved her calling him a "big dope" when he tried to brush off how much he enjoys taking care of Pocket. The last scene with them was just so well done. I can't get enough of Steve, Kayla, Bo & Hope together in any combination.

I really enjoyed the Kayla & Lexie scenes too, and Benjy's comment about Pocket being a "lucky boy" actually brought tears to my eyes.

Please can't we keep Benjy? James Lunsford can communicate more with his eyes than many actors communicate at full voice. I really don't want to see him die but I have a bad feeling he's going to be an eventual casualty of the Brady/Dimera war.

The Shawn/Belle/Phillip scenes were okay but I'm so, so weary of this triangle.  I'd like to see another woman catch Phillip's eye.

BTW, I capped the preview for next week that aired during Passions, if anyone wants to see it:


I know you are a Steve and Kayla fan. I was, too in to 80s where they belong. It was easy to love Steve knowing (as most people do) that he would grow up and become a more developed character eventually.........but no, we get arrested development Steve with super sophistocated Kayla. I simply cannot abide that. I'd rather they never came back at all.

There is no way a woman who had will enough to raise a daughter by herself and educated herself to become a doctor then have her own practice, could have held onto a love lost except as one she had to make peace with. There is no way she could accept this heathen back into her life even knowing the love they shared way back when both were young and immature. We haven't seen them reconcile those years. We haven't seen how they grew together, we haven't seen them decide to marry....I'm certain that they are not still married in the eyes of the law. It's totally absurb and ridiculous and I simply do not like it.

Also, why would Kayla get by with excising John's liver and keep her license except that she is dishonest. Grrrrrrrr.

I hate stuff shoved down my brain like I'm not a thinking person. It could have been written better and given Steve some decorum.

The video was awesome. That will play out great....but I surely hate to see Steffie in that position.
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