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Aug 31 2007, 06:34 PM
Minor quibble of the day - if Benjy's in the hospital having just had his liver torn out of him, why wouldn't his wife be there to see him? I mean, Lexie talked about being there by his side the whole time, but nothing from his wife....they could have at least thrown in a line that she was there as well and left to check on the baby....something....did I miss that?

That bugged me a bit too but I'm fanwanking it that Benjy has Sonja and the baby in hiding somewhere.

lol - I'm used to filling in the blanks myself too....sometimes I wish though that they'd pay attention to the little details....it helps to keep me into the scenes, instead of being taken out of the moment, saying "WTF? Why don't they....or doesn't this make more sense instead"....
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