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With all due respect, Jean, I have a feeling that you are way too far gone in your hatred of Steve and Kayla for anything I have to say to make a difference but I'll respond since you directed your comments to me.

I know you are a Steve and Kayla fan.  I was, too in to 80s where they belong.  It was easy to love Steve knowing (as most people do) that he would grow up and become a more developed character eventually.........but no, we get arrested development Steve with super sophistocated Kayla.

I'm not sure what you're seeing as undeveloped about him unless you mean the fact that he isn't (and never will be) a typical 9-5 guy with a 401k. That's who he is. That's who a lot of people are. It doesn't mean they're undeveloped or arrested at some juvenile stage unless they also live their lives in irresponsible ways.

Steve doesn't live his life irresponsibly. When he was ripped away from his family through no fault of his own, he was married, raising his little girl, owned a home and was working a steady job with the Salem PD. When he died, he was doing his best to help reign in his best friend Bo who was, by the way, acting as a vigilante (an eco-terrorist, to be precise).

For 16 years his life was ripped away and he suffered torture and god knows what else. The last year of his life has been spent trying to regain some memory of who he was (that took 6 months), re-living the torture and brainwashing he suffered and trying to piece back together a some kind of a life with his wife and daughter.

So I guess I'm not sure what you're expecting of him or what would make him suitable for the "super sophistocated Kayla." For him to dress differently? Not be angry over what happened to him? Be a different person than he is? He's a jeans kind of guy who prefers action over talk and loves his beer and blues music. That makes him slighly non-traditional, maybe. It doesn't make him undeveloped.

There is no way a woman who had will enough to raise a daughter by herself and educated herself to become a doctor then have her own practice, could have held onto a love lost except as one she had to make peace with.  There is no way she could accept this heathen back into her life even knowing the love they shared way back when both were young and immature.  We haven't seen them reconcile those years.  We haven't seen how they grew together, we haven't seen them decide to marry....I'm certain that they are not still married in the eyes of the law.  It's totally absurb and ridiculous and I simply do not like it.

Well I can't help you there. I remember you had a real issue with the possibility of Abby and Max together because Max was a mechanic and Abby was an educated daughter of sophisticated, educated parents. So maybe it's a class thing for you?

Kayla never looked at Steve that way. She saw past class differences and outer trappings and recognized that this was a man with a huge capacity to love. That's what they share in common. They are both people with large hearts and fierce loyalty to the ones they love. And to my way of thinking that's far more important than whether they have the same taste in music or wine or anything else.

Also, why would Kayla get by with excising John's liver and keep her license except that she is dishonest. Grrrrrrrr.

How exactly was she dishonest? Immediately after performing the surgery she called an ambulance for John and called the police to turn herself in. She fully expected to deal with the consequences and even said she'd most likely lose her license.

Bottom line for me, Kayla was faced with two horrible choices that night in the warehouse. She could perform the surgery and do everything in her power to keep John alive or she could try to go for help and hope that the hack doctor hadn't killed him by the time she returned. If we ever wondered what would have happened to John that night if Kayla hadn't cooperated, what happened to Benjy (sliced open and dumped in a dumpster) gives us a good clue.

Steve was under mind control at the time and did as much as he could to save John's life, within his power to control his own actions, by getting Kayla there. Once there, Kayla went with the one choice (as horrific as it was) that might give John a chance to survive. It's because of the choices they made that John's still alive.

I hate stuff shoved down my brain like I'm not a thinking person.

I consider myself a thinking person and I don't feel that any of this has been shoved down my throat.
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