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After all... tomorrow is another day!

OK if you're wondering where my gushing post for today's episode is... well... I didn't think it was gush-worthy.

It wasn't that it was bad, it just didn't blow me away the way the rest of the week had. In fact, I actually fell asleep halfway through so I had to rewatch the second half. Not that it was really the show's fault entirely as I was BEAT, but it was definitely an odd Friday episode IMO and disappointing from a cliffhanger standpoint in that it couldn't keep me awake the whole time, which is really sad when there wasn't even any TTS crap in it. Is this whole allergy to Friday cliffhangers another Hogan trademark, those of you well familiar with his work, because I can't remember the last time we had a good old-fashioned cliffhanger? (I mean even when Santo was literally hanging off the cliff he was pulled up back onto the cliff before the episode ended)

Still, I agree with pretty much all of the positive things that people had to say about this epi and have a couple more things to add.

1. I love seeing Shawn in scenes that don't involve Belle or Phillip. For quite a while I've felt like Shawn was a huge turd, yet I actually found myself interested in his problems the past two days when we saw him with Max and then Hope. Yay for more family interaction and characters getting so nicely jumbled up.

2. Hooray for Kayla wearing her lab coat and stethoscope. Yay for showing someone in Salem working and a woman actually working at that!

3. I've never heard Steve call Hope "sweet thing" before that I remember. Awwwwww. That's so cute. Like I said the other day... fab four now = hope/bo/kayla/steve

4. I loved the movement and circularity of this episode where it started and ended Shawn-Hope, Belle-Philip, Steve-Kayla but in the middle of the thing it was jumbled up with Kayla-Lexie, Shawn-Belle, Hope-Steve.


Do you think today was foreshadowing day?
-I don't get why Hope was so freaked out about Shawn being a cop when she's married to one and been one herself. Is Shawn going to get seriously hurt as a cop? If so, yay, that should be good drama.
-The Lexie-Kayla stuff was interesting and while I suppose Lexie talking about the Issac adoption and Zach's death could have just been some filler extrapolation, to me it (along with the Benjy stuff) is setting up some good drama for Payla's Pocket to get ripped from her arms and possibly something bad is going to happen to Pocket too where he almost dies methinks as there was that Zach tie-in.
-So Kayla is adamant she is going to kill Stefano if something happens to Benjy, eh? Hmmmmm... does this mean Benjy will die? Kind of makes me think so.
-More hinting from Kayla today about her worry about what the DiMeras did to him... hmmmm. If this is foreshadowing them finally giving some emotional payoff to the Steve driven crazy by the DiMeras stuff, then yay, whether it is him getting revenge or slipping back under their control or uncovering what he was up to during his missing years. Any of those things will do for me. I just am glad they haven't forgotten it which I kind of thought they had when Steve came back all normal and comedic relief guy.
-"Belle's not your wife. Not yet." So is the November sweeps Shelle wedding I've been expecting going to go awry? Or are they just gonna have Belle make out with Phillip and lead him on some more before running back to Shawn like always? Hmmm.
-Kayla and Steve are sooooooooooo having a kid when Pocket gets taken away from them.

p.s. Jean. I totally understand your concerns about the implausibility of the Steve-Kayla story and I can say I missed their original run and since they got back I pretty much loathed them, especially during that One Flew Over a Payla's Nest story.

The thing is... they've sucked me in with this Pocket story and having them actually involved in the feud because I feel like it's giving their previous run-ins with the DiMeras some closure and also because I refuse to hold anything a character did from Jan-April against that character because everything back then was a mess.

But I respect your opinion on this even if I don't share it.
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