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Aug 31 2007, 10:04 PM
whoa!!! intense.

but for some reason i feel like this promo was slightly different than the one that aired during passions. i don't remember ej saying stefano would rise again during that one. hmmm.

That's the problem. Having read spoilers (and I can say this in a spoiler thread), we KNOW Stefano doesn't really die, but the Pash promo (the one during Pash) said something like, "An unexpected moment ... the death of Stefano." The promo shows Steve killing Stefano in cold blood and them declaring Steffie dead.

So, NBC hasn't learned from Frasier and all other fans they pissed off by trying to oversell plots that WEREN''T EVEN PLAYING OUT!

Stefano doesn't die. But the promo makes it sound like he DEFINITELY dies. It's unexpected. Steve does it in cold blood. No question about it.

It's a HUGE disservice to fans.
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