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YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Logan tells Nick that Summer has RSV, a serious respiratory infection. Logan informs Nick that Summer's fever has broken and she is starting to get better. As soon as the warden has left the room, Phyllis dials Nick's cell phone again and finally manages to get through. Phyllis quickly hangs up after learning that Summer is improving, but she realizes that the warden saw her make the call. With Ji Min's interview looming over him, Jack tells Sharon that if Ji Min comes clean about running Jabot for Jack, he could possibly lose his Senate seat and it will ruin his reputation. Jack tells Sharon he may have a way of stopping Ji Min's press conference. He bought the land that Ji Min's grandparents live on and will evict them if Ji Min goes through with his statement. David suggests to Nikki that she should make her separation from Victor legal. Jana and Kevin learn from Jana's doctor that they were able to remove 99 percent of Jana's tumor the surgery was a success.

SNEAK PEEK: Lily and Daniel's divorce is final.
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