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Personally I think the "on-the-run" story was the worst since Julie's face got burned from the oven fire. It started the decline more than John being in a coma as it took over Days. It was worse than Dr. North because at least we got to see Wayne and Dee and lovely surroundings (and no baby was being abused). Then Sami was headlining everything and to me, she wasn't ready for such a huge thrust in fans eyes (or at least mine). The reason for this is that I was so pumped for Lucas and Sami getting married and having a baby girl ... a sweet romantic story for them, when we get EJ horning in and ruining that and on top of that, the Santo and Colleen story we didn't want to see. Then brings in wild girl Stephanie and her criminal boyfriend and dull dense CIA pal. I'm sure hoping that the Fall stories are bringing in a breath of fresh air with lots of vets.
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