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Viewing Single Post From: SOW: Hogestyn Out?!
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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Sep 2 2007, 02:29 PM
Sep 2 2007, 02:04 PM
Oh, and I just have to add that the Beth Milstein praise just irks me.

Now you know how some of us feel about the Hogan praise some people bestow upon him.

Yes, she knows the history and characters but she was brought on to "hold the fort" and Hogan opted to keep her on after he began.

Um, fact is, Hogan has virtually fired everyone on the Days writing staff who had history writing for the show and knew the characters in and out. It's not a good thing to fire another legacy writer, just to replace her with one of your friends.

I would rather Sheri, Paula, or Peter were made co-HW since they have more experience and have shown their talents for writing their own stories in the recent times we are in.

I'd like them back too, but it's pretty obvious Hogan doesn't look for legacy writers, he looks for other "big name" writers in the industry or his personal friends. This, in the long-run, won't better the show.

Beth wrote on her own for 2 months so I think she is horribly overhyped.

The same could be said about Hogan Savior Sheffer for almost all of his tenure thus far.

While it's true that Hogan's tenure has not been great, let's also not forget about the outside influences.

I would've loved to see how Beth dealt with that if she was in that position.

Poor, poor Hogan Sheffer. A brilliant man with brilliant stories cursed to work on a show under a producer set out to sabotage him and watched by unwashed masses who are simply too dense to appreciate his fantastic storytelling prowess.

It's simply unfair the way that Ken Corday put a gun to his head and forced him to ruin Shawn and Belle by having Shawn shack up with a crazy hooker stereotype who he crammed down our throats day after day and inserted into every single storyline; pointlessly introduced this hooker's brother who mercifully disappeared two days later; required that Shawn and Belle rekindle their love on a boring, bland set removed from any attachment to Salem for four months and introduced stereotypical contract characters such as the drunk, bitter, crazy Vietnam vet and the promiscuous, exotic island girl; wasted viewers' time setting up Max and Mimi as well as Max and Abby love stories right before both actresses were set to exit the show; turned both EJ and Phillip into one-note sociopathic monsters then when that wasn't working quickly flipped a redemption switch to bring them back to the charming rich hottie bad boys they should have been in the first place; centered a who's the daddy storyline around a rape allegation, dubious stem cell science and incorporating voodoo paternity tests and the phrase "demon seed"; not addressing Stefano's history with Marlena and John EVER despite bringing Stefano back to the show just as John came out of his coma; creating obnoxious and insensitive portrayals of the mentally ill by playing the nut house scenes for laughs rather than giving Steve's crazy all that much emotional impact; torturing viewers with oversexed, unlikable teens who come across as so shallow and stupid that when they have real problems viewers are beyond caring; throwing Lucas and Sami back together at warp speed in a completely unbelievable way that was terribly out of character for both and then when they got back together completely ignoring their dysfunctional, combative past that had actually made them interesting once...

I just don't know how Sheffer puts up with that interference from Corday as he gets memo after memo from the EP demanding more hookers, less romance, more sexual harassment, more love triangles featuring psychodrama that instantly repulses some viewers such as extorted sex and incest angst, and his insistence that the word "rape" appear no fewer than 100 times in each month's scripts.

Poor, poor Hogan Sheffer.
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