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Sep 2 2007, 02:46 PM
Yep. That whole Labor Day fiasco was nothing more then a joke.

I remember there was a KA one too where Hope was going to be offed by Marlena and then John would shoot "Marlena" and we would later learn he killed Hattie and the real Marlena was locked up somewhere.

There were so many rumors at that time, just like now. That is why I can't wait until we get official word one way or the other because it drives me nuts :lol:

JER NEEDS to speak up. He has NO allegiances to Corday or NBC Daytime anymore. I wish the man would have the balls to go on the record with SOW or SOD and say, "Marlena was supposed to kill everyone in Salem. It was a voo doo thing. Remember Marlena's prophecy, 'Everyone in Salem will DIE?' Well, that WAS going to go somewhere -- if other forces hadn't intervened."

I'm just DYING to know how brilliant his original story would have been.
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