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I agree with King on the Diva attitude of many behind the scenes at Days. I see it in more than just Drake. I won't get into it again but I see something different about Drake's this time because he has been on the backburner before and never complained. I think Drake knew this time there was more to his backburnering than just that. Langan backburnered Drake just he did all the vets during the Saved by the Bell years, Drake didn't complain. He got a 2 month unplanned vacation last year. He didn't speak out or complain. I just think he knew this time there was more to it. But I still don't see what Drake said as being as bad as it was made out to be and seeing that Allison and others aren't mad about it says a lot too.

But back to the Diva thing - why in the world should Days stars and backstage folks not have a Diva complex. I mean some fans have made them that way. I don't know any of those on here as I don't see anything wrong with the Days fans on this board. I think we are all well rounded for the most part and are willing to call Days on it's shit or praise it to high heaven when it deserves it. But look at other boards and the pedestal that they put some of them on.

I mean at a board I will not mention I looked at the ratings thread and even with a Days at 2.0 this week they are still throwing out this thing of Days being so much better that CBS should just cancel 2 of it's shows so that Days can be saved. I mean I love Days but what makes it so much better that 2 shows should be cancelled just for it to be saved.

And yet we wonder where Days staff gets the idea they can be divas and act any way they want. It is prevalent on all shows these days as they have their fanbases, but Days as we have all said seems to have the worse trouble with them. These fan bases have made their stars - some not all into divas.

I have been working on a links thread for the History Forum and I have been so dumbfounded in what I have found for some shows. I think almost every couple on GH and Days have at least one or more sites somewhere on the Internet devoted to them. All the shows have some - AMC has a lot too. The only show that does not have that many is Y&R. It seems most of the fan sites created for Y&R seem to be show sites and not just one character or couple site.

I think of all the big couples only Bope has the least fan sites devoted to them but they seem to be the most loved couple which is weird.

Many of the characters have their own sites too. I have been looking lately at the MSN groups and GH/Days are just full of MSN groups for couples or characters. I have not begun to look at the Yahoo sites yet.

But the Days fans are very vocal, and that love and admiration and demanding of their favorites has to help in creating Diva attitudes of some of these stars and personnel.
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