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Steve Frame
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I no longer consider Natalia Livingston an Emmy embarrassment. Girl got lucky is all. She submitted the right tape. The voting politics was on her side. And damn she got to take home an Emmy.

She is just another part of the system that hasn't worked under either of it's renditions or guidelines.

In the early days CBS got shut out. In the early 80's around 82/83 esp. nobody got much recognition except for ABC. Go to the Emmy section of the History Forum and look at the last 2 to 3 sets of Emmy nominations I have put up. If you think CBS' domination this last year was terrible. Look at ABC's domination for 2 fucking years. Almost every actor and actress nominated was from ABC. No wonder NBC refused to air the show in 1983.

I mean the whole system stinks. There are people every year that should be on the ballot who aren't. There are people who get nominated that some think should not. But in a year where there are about 250 shows to choose from any show can come up with 1 or 2 episodes that standout for Best Show and any performer can find enough to submit from an Emmy reel - even some of the worst performers have their moments.

Livingston got lucky. Her luck paid off that year. Luck and politics were on her side.
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