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{quote]“And there’s been a positive vibe, which on this show, is suspicious! For some reason, out of the blue, NBC has renewed hopes for our show. Network execs have even visited the set recently and were in a happy mood. All we can surmise from gossip is that NBC knows Y&R is slipping creatively and thinks this is the first time in history a show could overtake them [since they’ve been No. 1 in the ratings], which is why they hired Ed, who was unfairly ousted from his job for [Lynn Marie Latham]. He’d love to personally avenge his dismissal by proving he can make a show on the brink of cancellation the No. 1 show in daytime!” [/quote]

Sure;y they don't believe this? DAYS doesn't even have a consistent timeslot in the country this fall and the rationgs are falling fast. And do you really think NBC is supportive of a soap they don't even own, that they are probably losing profit on day by day?

The only soap NBC gives a damn about is PASSIONS, because they saved it by moving it to DIRECTV.

NBC and Soaps is like (paraphrasing Kanye)Bush and Black People.

Ed Scott should be positive about DAYS, but there's being positive and having really lofty ambitions that you can't reach!
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