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Steve Frame
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I agree Jinx that there seems to be more talk and hope. But call me a pessimist on this issue or whatever but I see it everytime one of the these plans to save Days things is put into affect or talked about. There is a big talk of hope and big talk of change. The same thing happens where the fans go to talking about Days is going to be the one that unseats Y&R, but instead ratings go down. It is a pattern that has been happening so often now.

And now we are on the 5th plan to save Days since May 2006. When Hogan came on fans were so estatic and said Days would be #1 by spring. They almost became #9.

I guess call me pessimistic or I think more call me jaded. I want to believe the best and think the best but even with Edward Scott aboard both Hogan and Corday are still there and I just can't trust either of them.

And Alvin is right even a crappier show if it's cheaper still makes the network more money even with low ratings.
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