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Sep 3 2007, 02:25 PM
I'm really tired of hearing "Wendy posted" or Wendy said" as if she were Corday's mistress and pillowtalk buddy. There are many other boards that post "inside" information but they aren't mentioned. I refuse to allow that board to be my only reference of truth.

As for the actors reading the boards, they do. This is the truth. I was always complaining about Drake as John on another board. I hated the way he holds Marlena by the neck and shoves her around when he is going to kiss her or making sweet sounds to her and was very vocal about that. Not long after a particularly nasty post, I was watching Days when Drake was holding Marlena in a very nice normal sort of embrace without shoving her around and kissed her. He then walked with his back to the camera but then turned around and looked at the camera and winked with a silly grin. Say what you will, I know he did that after hearing or reading about how annoying it was to at least one fan.

Also, I believe it was Ali that said there is one particular poster that they all just loved to check out and it was a common chatter behind the scenes about what so and so was saying. I just wonder who that is.

Oh, Jean, you made my day! You gave me a visual of Wendy in bed with Ken Corday and him telling her casting secret, post-coitus! :wub: Don't get me wrong, I love Wend and as an SNS member I mean nothing by it; it's just a cute/funny visual I had. :wub:
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