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Well since I am OH SO NICE..wait I'm not :lol: .... Here's a little something for ya kiddies.. the dayahead recap that I briefly wrote up for ETLove..And now you guys... Just an FYI.. have some tissues handy for Brook's scenes... She made me bawl telling Miles that Chad was a goner. (Would love FB.. may do tommrow's eppie too so yeah.. thoughts!!)

Here's what happened in a nutshell..(from what I remember watching from the dayahead earlier)

Luis and Fancy are still making love when they get interupted by a phone call from Pretty. Sheridan sees them making love and is disgusted.. And hopes that news of Marty being alive will bring Luis back to her. Pretty poisons Fancy's drink with a vile that Al gave her, which makes Fancy really sleepy. Alistair watches on from the secret room.

Whitney says goodbye to Chad, and is an emotional wreck. Simone comforts her, and Miles is there too. She tells Miles that Daddy has gone to be with the Angels. Theresa and Whitney speak a bit and Theresa lets her know Ethan kind of knows.

Theresa continues to tell Ethan that he has to live for their daughter, their son and such and how he squeezed her hand. His eyes flicker quite a bit and such. He starts murmuring OUTLOUD that I have a son.. I have a son.. Pilar leaves to go get Lil E.

Fox and Esme talk a bit more and get ready to leave Vikki to sleep and share a kiss. She wakes up and explains how she hates being in new places alone. Fox offers to leave the two alone, but she wants him to stay too. He ends up reading Wuthering Heights to the 2 ladies. Vikki tells Esme to tell Fox how she reminds him of her dad. And he flexes his muscles for her too.

Rebecca tries to get in touch with Gwen with no luck (and she's not on screen either WOHOOO), and Rebecca worries that Gwen will lose Ethan forever. (Yeah.. SO..Gwen can go to HELL I want ET)...
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