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For what it's worth here goes. Days can be just any soap in that if the writing is good and there is excitement going on they can get by with firing anyone for awhile.

AMC undid the Erica abortion without ratings going down because they did it in the midst of the big explosion story. Fans were outraged but couldn't tear themselves from the screen - well many of them couldn't. GH killed off Alan Quaertermain in the midst of a big story.

Another World fired it's 2 stars and it's matriarch. Think Frances Reid along with Drake Hogestyn & Deidre Hall at the height of their popularity. That is how popular all 3 stars were at the time. But AW still maintained high ratings because Harding Lemay and Paul Rauch stayed on top of it.

But they have to stay on top of things. AW lost some fans who went over to OLTL with Reinholt & Courtney but they didn't lose the majority until they got sloppy and started letting the writing slip.

GH didn't keep the momentum up after firing Alan and what angered fans did stay remembered that and have slipped aside too. AMC fans who were angry about the unabortion, remembered it when McTavish let things slip too.

It was bad publicity for them as it hurt them on picking up new fans, and then later it hurt them on keeping long term fans and gaining fans who had watched and thought of coming back.

Fans who are thinking of coming back need the familiar to draw them back. They hear of their faves leaving and it pushes them farther away.

Days can fire Drake & Deidre but they better do it with an explosive story and keep the story good for quite some time afterward. Because I see that as the only way they can fully survive at all from either firing.

sure others have left in the past, but the writing was a lot better and a lot more exciting than it is now. It was also more consistent.
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