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So basically for them to get rid of Drake and Hall they'd have to be firing on all cylinders (no pun intended). Does anyone think Days is capable of that anymore?

They don't have enough good characters to pick up the slack, imho, and they're demolishing the few that they had. I loved Sami for years, now I want her dead. I was really enjoying Chelsea until the Nick stuff. Bo and Hope are around, but they'd have to get independent and into something big really, really fast to be must-see, and the writers would have to try and pull that off without a triangle 'cause fans are tired of those.

Are there other soaps like Days with this kind of...character deficiency? Everyone has their fans, I know that, this show seems to have a shallower pool than the others.

And I think this feud thing was their best shot of writing out vets while forcing people to deal with other characters. What else could they come up with, besides killing people, that would make the show must-see for a big segment of the audience and carry it through the loss of a major star like Hall (I think Drake can go no big deal)?
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