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Sep 4 2007, 05:49 AM
And to think, only ten years ago during the summertime we had Kristen/Marlena in the secret room and Kristen's downfall, Sami faking her paralysis/amnesia and blackmailing Kate, Jack in prison for the murder of Peter Blake, and "the punch heard 'round the world" at Sami and Austin's wedding. Drama was high, ratings were huge, payoffs were complete and the cast was top notch.

Now, we've got newbie teens playing flight attendants and Santo/Colleen with fake wigs/mustaches and bad accents.

OMG, that was back when DAYS was can't miss tv! I sometimes have to wonder what might have happened if Reilly had stayed at DAYS(under Corday's control) and continued to build the show up.

I really, really miss the DAYS OF OUR LIVES from ten years ago. That excitement is gone and we'll never get it back again.
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